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Kids Birthday Parties

Are you planning a Birthday Party for your daughter and can't decide what to do? Should you have a party at home ? Well, maybe these idea can help you decide! Jewellery Making  Party in your home is idea for children's birthday parties in a very simple and organized format.
All you need to do is invite a friends and prepare some big table with places for seating. I'll do the rest.

I bring  with me everything what your kids need to design and make jewellery: beads, stones, tools, beads boards. Most of my beads are natural and therefore vary in color, size and availability. I carry a variety of beads, above and beyond that which you see at your party.

I provide a great activity that mothers love to bring their daughters to. As hostess, it is for you to decide whether or not you wish to have women bring their daughters. I do not suggest this activity for girls under five; however, the hostess can set a higher age limit at her discretion.

How long does a party last?

Parties run approximately 1,5 -2  hours plus time for setup and packing up.

I will start the party as soon as your hostess feels that the majority of her guests have arrived. All guests will be asked to sit down or gather near the bead table during i opening remarks. It is important to hear what is said because it is pertinent to the rest of the party. After the opening remarks, take a moment to decide what you wish to make. I help deciding what and how to make. If you choose to make earrings, ask the consultant for two headpins and the selection of earring wires. If you are making a bracelet, anklet or necklace, ask me for beading wire and Bead Stoppers for your project.

How much does Jewellery Making Party cost?

Prices start at 10-15 euro per person (including set of jewellery for kids/teenagers ).

Contact me to discous your group and amount of money you wish to raise. I will prepare selection of beads which cover charge (ex. wooden beads, glass, plastic ect).

I average 10 to 15 people per party. Special arrangements can be made for larger groups/events, and special pricing is available for younger groups.

Your Booking Date

 Book your date as soon as possible to ensure a date that is really optimal for you. I prefere 3 weeks advanced before party, but you can feel free to call me with special booking.

If you would like to give it a try, or just discuss the options of party, please don't hesitate to contact Ella on 0862339318 or by e-mail:  ellarta.e.sz@gmail.com

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